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a Proper Footwear

Often we buy shoes being under the
impression of their appearance only. And it is indeed important how attractive
and fashionable footwear looks. Poor quality or simply inappropriate shoes can
overshadow the life with different nuisances, such as calluses. In addition,
the consequences can be far more serious – diseases of veins, joints, muscles,
and even the spine.

The danger of flat

Flat shoes violate the correct
position of the foot, leading to its deformation. It stretches the ligaments
and tendons. If wearing such shoes too often, you can hurt your toes,
especially the large ones. This is only the beginning. Then the feet and knees
start hurting too. Consequently, the biggest admirers of flat shoes often
experience severe pain in their legs.

Danger of high heels
and platform shoes

The leg in high heel shoes takes an
unnatural position. In a normal position, foot should perform a spring
function, ie, protect organism against shocks that could damage it. When
walking in high heels, this function is impaired. Each step has a devastating
effect on the spine.
The leg on high heels takes an
extremely precarious situation, it is fraught with dislocations, sprains,
ligaments torn.
Wearing shoes on the platform is not
less traumatic. The sole of this shoe is thick, it does not allow the feet to
flex naturally while walking. Actually, the effects of constant wearing of such
shoes are the same as walking in high heels.

ideal footwear

Firstly, the material from which the
shoe is made.
It should be made of natural
materials: the skin, nubuck, suede, fabric. Artificial tissues do not have the
property of water absorption, i.e. do not absorb sweat, the skin does not
breathe in them. Shoes made of synthetic materials may emit harmful substances,
the feet in such shoes are always wet.
Second, the shoes should have a
We’ve already learnt that the flat
sole and high-heeled shoes are equally harmful and do not suit for constant
wear. Optimum heel height from 2 to 5 cm. Below and above is dangerous to
Thirdly, footwear should have a
Because it is designed to fix the
foot in the shoe, it should not be soft.
Fourth, the part for the toe in the
shoe must be wide.
The narrow toe deforms the leg. The
load falls on the middle fingers. In this case, a so-called bunion develops.

What about men’s

For men’s shoes all requirements are
the same. It is proved that the men’s shoes are safer. Men often choose convenience
rather than beauty. And the choice of the footwear kinds for the stronger sex
is not so wide as for the ladies.

How to Buy Shoes Online?

When looking at a huge choice of  shoes on Jiji, the only question can appear,
which is how to choose the right footwear and not get lost?
Well, the first thing that will
attract you is a price. Then you will look at the style. After that, you can
call the seller and ask about the heels, size and materials and if everything
is alright, you can book an appointment. Try to meet and try on shoes in the
afternoon, because in the evening foot becomes bigger a bit. Shoes should not
be too wide or too narrow.
Soles of shoes should be moderately
soft: it must be easy to bend and take the original shape without deformation.
Try the shoes on both feet, walk down few meters to evaluate the convenience.


Of course, there are
situations when a woman needs to look “perfect.” Sometimes you can
afford a high and even stiletto heels. Either run for a walk with the dog in
flats. Just keep in mind that a permanent wearing of such shoes is dangerous.
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